About Us


180 West Street
Sheffield , S1 4ET

Opening Times

Sunday – Thursday 12pm ’til 10pm
Friday – Saturday 12pm ’til 11pm


Mobile: 0114 275 4490
Email: guyshisheffield@gmail.com


Yakiniku is derived from the Japanese word ‘yaki’ which means grilled and ‘niku’ which means meat. It refers to a style of cooking bite-sized meat and vegetables on gridirons or griddles over a flame of wood charcoals carbonized by dry distillation or a gas/electric grill, and is one the most popular culinary traditions in Japan. Each table has a built-in smokeless roaster to bring people together in an interactive way to cook and enjoy food. The sichirin grills are imported all the way from Japan, using unique cutting-edge technology to suck the smoke away so your clothes/hair won’t absorb the odour. Order a selection of marinated raw ingredients to your table (which will be brought over by our sassy robot cat waitress, Yuki, and then get cooking! Our staff can help out with grilling if needed.

We also have a live teppanyaki station where diners are seated in front of a huge teppan hotplate, this is where our expert teppanyaki chef will cook the set menu of your choice in front of your eyes whilst entertaining with knife tricks, roaring fire and fun with food.